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BB Archive

To begin with, welcome to the BB Archive. Our network is for those who wish to mothball their old Bulletin Boards, Forums and Chat Rooms of course. Therefore, if you have an old forum that is not in use, you can lay it to rest here. Indeed, you can even keep it active should you so wish. In contrast, we also allow members to create a new forum if they so wish.

Forums Do Die Off

When first starting out with a message board or forum etc., it might attract a few people. However, there always comes a time when the interest disappears, either from the creator or the members. Then, there is sometimes a mass migration of the members to other sites. Of course on many occasions, the creators, administrators or moderators may simply not have time to maintain the forum. Furthermore, spam can literally destroy a community without regular maintenance.

Whatever the reason may be, eventually, many forums can die off. Therefore, you have a dilemma you need to deal with. What exactly do you do with your old forums and message boards once they become inactive? Generally speaking, you have a few options open to you.

The Options:

Firstly, you can lock down the forum so that nobody else can join and current members can’t post. Secondly, you can just delete the old disused forum completely. Thirdly, you can leave it as it is and hope that it becomes active again. With the third option, you still have to maintain the message boards and clear up the spam etc. However, experience tells us that when a forum dies off, its very difficult to bring it back to life again.

So, is there another option for old BB’s, Forums or Chat Rooms? After all, you have a lot of hard work tied up in them. Well, of course there is another option available!

Indeed, you could simply add your old message boards to the BB Archive. Our network obviously allows members to mothball their forums. In fact, if you want them to remain active while on the BB Archive, that’s fine. Moreover, if you wish to remove it from the BB Archive to go independent again, that’s fine.

Create A Forum

Just to point out that the BB Archive is not just for old forums. On the contrary, should you wish to create a new forum you can do that too. In other words, we are not only here for mature forums to rest. As a matter of fact, members can use the BB Archive as a nursery for new forums. Of course, at any time you can move your forums elsewhere. Therefore, once you gain more experience or your forum becomes active, you have two options available. Obviously, you may leave the forum here or you can take it to your own domain.

To Sum Up

The BB Archive is indeed a community network for those who wish to mothball their old forums etc. However, members can also create a new forum to test the water. Of course, we are a membership only network and have various levels of membership available. However, upon joining, you can add your old forum here or even create a new one. Of course, at any time you can download your database and transfer it elsewhere. So, you can lay your forum to rest. You can also mothball it for later use. Finally, you can even create your own new forum on the BB Archive. So, what are you waiting for, join us today!