About Us

About Us - what we do at the BB Archives and why we do it.
Indeed, this is the About Us page on the BB Archive.

About Us

To begin with, this About Us page should explain why the BB Archive exists. In the first place, the BB Archive is basically self-explanatory. Obviously, it is a place to archive your Bulletin Board or Forum. However, your forums can be either dormant or active.

Then again, we also allow members to make a new forum if they so choose. You may also donate your forum or bulletin boards to us if you no longer need yours.

Our team has a vast amount of experience and when you join us you become our forum partners. This is because we want to help you to keep your forum online and enjoy it. Even if you have very little forum training, we have a help forum of our own so that you can discus problems etc. Indeed, your forum health means a lot!

So, if you want to retire you bulletin boards and just require forum parking, the BB Archives can help. Alternatively, if you wish to create a new forum platform, we are here for you. Indeed, the future of online communities is in our hands and together we can make a great team.

Help Available

The staff at the BB Archive all have an interest in public forums and bulletin boards, obviously. Indeed, some of our forums are successful but some are just lying dormant. With this in mind, we decided to create a place to put the dormant ones. Hence, the BB Archives here. So, if you have an old forum that is inactive nowadays, you can lay it to rest here.

While our staff have much experience in running forums and bulletin boards, we are busy people too. However, once you join the BB Archive, we can give a few hours support initially. Therefore, if you want to add your forum to the BB Archives we may be able to help within this time-frame. However, if you have experience in running forums yourself, you should need very little help anyway.

Obviously, only the staff here can access the databases for security reasons. Therefore, you supply us with your database and files and we shall upload them to the servers. However, this is usually all we need to do. From then on, its down to you to manage your own forum in the BB Archive.

Create A New Forum

While we allow users to archive old forums and bulletin boards, you may create a new community forum here too. Obviously you will need to subscribe in order to do this. However, if you wish to donate a forum, bulletin board or old inactive websites, let us know.

Just to point out that we don’t recommend using free forum software. This is because you are not in full control with those types of websites. Of course, here at the BB Archive we care. Therefore, you can have a copy of your database at any time.

Lots of smileys for forums and bulletin boards - archive your old forum here or create a new forum

Support Forum

Although, we offer help initially, we do have a Support Forum for the BB Archive. So, after our initial help to get you up and running, use the forum for any further assistance. Of course, it is a public forum so anyone can join, even those with no connection to the BB Archives. Be that as it may, we welcome anyone to join in.

You can also show off your new or old forums in our Forum Showcase. This may even bring in new members to your forum, of course. While we are on the subject of promoting your forums, why not use the BB Archive Support Forum to do this too.

About Us – And Finally

Obviously, this About Us page informs you as to why we exist. But, you may need to get in touch with us for various reasons before subscribing. With this in mind, use our contact form but give us a little time for a reply.