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Indeed, you may use this form to contact us. However, before you do, please ensure you have read ALL the information pages first!

Contact Us

We are a friendly bunch here at the BB Archives and we are also an approachable lot. Therefore, use the form above to get in touch. But please ensure that your enquiry is relevant.

Obviously you can contact us about our memberships that are available. For example, you may need to find out more information etc. You can also contact us if you think we have something wrong on our network. For instance, you may see something on our website that needs adjustment. In this case, get in touch and we will sort out any problem.

Should you have any problems using the above form, you can also use the BB Archives Forum. Indeed, it would even be better to use the forum in order for others to benefit.

You now have the means to talk to us and an alternative method should you need to. But, please remember to search the website first and allow us some time to reply. Finally, bookmark our Home Page and call back often.

Contact us at the BB Archives - old forum needs a home - try us!
We have made it easy to contact staff at the BB Archives of course.