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How it works - revive a dead forum - BB Archive - bulletin boards mothballing
Indeed, on this page we tell you How It Works

To begin with, there are many reasons why you would want to subscribe to the BB Archive. Obviously, as our name suggests, this is the Bulletin Board Archive. As such, you may wish to lay your old forum to rest or indeed create a new one. However, before we discuss how it works, here are some other reasons why you may wish to join us.

#01 You have an old forum that you wish to keep online but not maintain it.
#02 You wish to create a forum and remain in control unlike those free forums.
#03 You wish to have a cheap, but effective way to run a forum or bulletin board.
#04 You wish to lock down your message boards then archive them for future use.

Free Forums

Let us start with those who just want an alternative to a free forum. Free forums are effective for those who want something temporary, but in the long run can end in tears. This is because you are NOT in control and the forums remain theirs! In fact, many free forums place adverts on YOUR forum, how dare they!

Then, if your forum becomes successful and you wish to become independent, forget it. On the whole, the free forums will hold you to ransom. So, say goodbye to everything that you created together with the time and effort you put in it.

Forum headaches? No problem here at the BB Archives - free forums are rubbish and you can't access your database - create a new forum here
Don’t have forum headaches!

Here at the BB Archive, we offer a free forum to all those who subscribe of course. However, the difference is that YOU are in control of YOUR forum. Obviously, at any time, we will give you your database back for whatever reason. For example, you may wish to take it to your own domain

Of course, we don’t place adverts on YOUR forum either. So, if you are looking to start a new forum, then forget those free forum websites. In other words, think of the BB Archive as the alternative to the free forums.

Archiving A Forum

So, you have a forum that has died off and nobody posts there nowadays. It has ran its course but still has some useful information that deserves to remain online. In this case, consider subscribing to the BB Archive and preserve it here.

Likewise, you have a forum which in not getting much attention and is just a spam target. In this case, consider locking the forum and cleaning it up. Then consider laying it to rest here at the BB Archives.

How It Works

For those who wish to create a new forum, this is a simple process of course. Give us a few details, then let us do the rest. Once we create your new forum, we pass all responsibility to you to do as you please.

To archive an existing forum here, send us your database and we will add it to the archives. Obviously, after this, its over to you. Your forums or bulletin boards will remain in the archives until your circumstances change. For example, should you wish to take back the database or not renew your subscription etc.

How the BB Archive works - make a new forum today or mothball your old inactive ones
Indeed, the BB Archive can work for you!

Your Domain Name – How It Works

Once you subscribe to the BB Archive, you need to tell us what domain name you wish to use. Obviously, we add this to the beginning of the mother domain – So, depending upon what your forum is all about now, choose an appropriate name. For example, if your domain is all about ants, you could choose – Obviously, what you call your domain is entirely up to you.

Here are a few other suggestions of domain names you may also like:

Unlimited Bandwidth

When you subscribe to the BB Archive, you get a free domain name as we see above. You also get unlimited bandwidth too running on fast servers. In other words, we include all you need to run a forum once you subscribe. To check out how fast and reliable our servers are, please check out some forums in our showcase.

Obviously, you can show off your old or new forums in the archives in the showcase. But please tell us that you want to do that because its not automatic. However, by using our forum showcase you may get some new forum members. Indeed, you may even get some good forum ideas there too.

Donate Your Old Forum

Obviously we will accept your old forums, bulletin boards or websites if you no longer maintain them. So, if you no longer use yours but wish it to stay online without paying, consider donating it to the BB Archives. Indeed, we love forums because that is our game is it not. If you donate your forum or websites to us, please remember that they becomes ours to do as we wish. However, we will promise to keep them safe if we accept it.

To Sum Up

Finally, we think we cover everything within our information pages including this ‘How It Works’ page. However, if you need to ask us any questions, please contact us. But before you do, please ensure that you have read all the info pages first. Alternatively, join the BB Archive Forum and then post your query there.

Finally, you may ask the how it works – well it just does!

Forum connections - promote your forums and bulletin boards here at the BB Archive - create new communities here too
Indeed, create new communities here in the BB Archives