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Indeed, here we have a selection of Questions and Answers.

To begin with, this is the Q & A section at the BB Archives. Obviously, we address the most frequently asked questions here. So, if you have a question about the BB Archive you can contact us here. Furthermore, should we feel it appropriate, we shall publish it here on the Questions And Answers page. Obviously, we do not print names or emails etc.

Questions And Answers (a)

Q 01) If I retire my old forum in the BB Archive, can I still use use it? In other words, can members continue to post there?

A 01) There is no reason why not, after all we allow the creation of new forums as well.

Q 02) My old forum is on one of those free forum sites, but they will not let me access my database. So, is there anything I can do to get access to it to place it in these archives?

A 02) In short, we are pretty sure that you will not get access to it. However, try writing to them, you can only ask. It may well be that they ask you for cash to do this though. In essence, that is one of the problems with something that is ‘free’. But, should they give it to you, there will be no such problem here. This is because we do all we can to keep you independent.

Q 03) I would like to transfer my old forum which has also died a death to the BB Archives. What is the best way to do this because I would like to keep the information online.

A 03) Firstly, you need to download your database and keep it safe. Secondly, download your files and keep them both together. Then you should read the information pages.

Questions And Answers (b)

Q 04) I wish to add my old phpBB forum to the BB Archives but I have no experience. Therefore what can I do?

A 04) Since we offer at least two hours support, we may be able to help within this time. However, please be aware that with novices, sometimes things don’t always go to plan. Therefore, it might be quicker if we attempt to do it all for you in this time. But, we also have a Help Forum in which to ask more questions.

Q 05) I have an old forum which nobody uses nowadays, of course I go there now and again to check. So, does anyone at the BB Archive check the forums on the network?

A 05) In short, no we don’t check. However, if you are checking your forums for activity, you may get an odd post. But, if it is not in use, the chances are that spam will flood in. If this is the case, we would advise you to lock it and then retire it off in the archives. Of course, should you wish to activate it again, you can do that. Just to point out though that we will not allow forums full to the brim with spam. Therefore, its a case of maintaining the forum yourself or locking it.

Q 06) On the whole, I have had enough of the forum I own. Would it be possible for me to donate it to the BB Archives, lock, stock and barrel?

A 06) Of course, but we would have to see it first. Then it depends on the content. However, if you really are sick of your old forum, there maybe something we can do, including its acquisition.

Q & A (c)

Q 07) My forum is full of spam, will you clean it up for me then add it to the BB Archives?

A 07) See answer 4.

Q 08) I have a small forum but it is still in use by a few members. My question is, can I use the BB Archive to host it?

A 08) Of course you can. We allow active forums in the BB Archive as well as locked forums. We allow members of the BB Archive to mothball their forums and bulletin boards. But we also allow busy forums as well. We even allow members to create a shiny new forum, so the basic answer to your question is yes.

Q 09) Would the BB Archive be willing to buy my forum off me?

A 09) See Q 06 also its answer.

Q & A (d)

Q 10) Does the BB Archive place adverts on forums? I ask this because I want to remain in control of my forum and possibly add my own.

A 10) No, we don’t do anything to your forum except add it to the archives of course. Furthermore, you remain in full control and yes you can add your own adverts if you wish. Once your forum is on the BB Archive network, you still own your forum and are administrator. In fact, you are completely independent and are fully responsible for its maintenance etc.

Q 11) I have a private forum so can I still use BB Archive to host my message boards?

A 11) In short, no. This is because all forums on out network must be open for all the public to see.

Q 12) Are there any restrictions as to what forums the BB Archive accepts?

A 12) There certainly are restrictions because we only allow decent forums to operate here. For example, we don’t allow porn or any indecent images. However, there are other restrictions. So please inspect the Terms of Use first.

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