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Indeed, this page allows you to subscribe to the BB Archive


In order to add your old Forum or Bulletin Board to the BB Archive, you need to subscribe. Of course, you can subscribe and create a new forum too. However, at this time we have many different types of subscription levels available. Therefore, we shall look at each one in detail below. If you wish to donate an old forum to the archives, this is free of charge of course.

Just to point out that in all cases, our servers are fast and reliable. Indeed, you can check out the showcase to see how fast our forum archives are. Obviously, we have unlimited bandwidth also. So, create a new community forum or bulletin board with us or retire your old forums here.

Create a new online community forum or bulletin board here on the BB Archive - don't use free forums!
A forum or bulletin board is ideal to keep a community together

Domain Names

When you add your website to the BB Archive website you should choose an appropriate domain name, of course. However, our domain names are free so be creative and stick with that one. All your new domain names will precede our mother site domain – (dot)

So, if your forum is about food, you could choose ‘food’ as a domain name. Therefore, your new domain name would become Above all, get it right from the start and stick with it for SEO purposes. Just to point out that you can have a copy of your database at any time should you wish to migrate your forum.

Copper Membership

Firstly, we have the basic subscription which is the Copper Membership. In short, this subscription level allows members to create and operate a Forum or Bulletin Board here on the BB Archive. Once you join at this level, tell us what sort of forum you want and we will activate it. We recommend that you use either phpBB or SMF (Simple Machines Forum) but we have others to choose.

Obviously we are not the same as the free forum hosting companies. At the BB Archive, your forums are on fast web servers and have unlimited bandwidth. So you have less heartache when things go wrong which they will with a free forum engine. At the BB Archives, you become the owner and administrator of your forum or bulletin board while you remain a member.

Above all, should you want your database at any time, its yours and you can have it if you wish to branch out. This is not the case when you use some of the free forum websites.

Copper Membership

Bronze Membership

Secondly, this subscription level allows members to add an existing Forum or Bulletin Board to the BB Archive. This is ideal should you have an old forum that you can no longer maintain but wish to keep it online. In this case, we recommend locking it. However, you can keep your forum active as long as you are willing to maintain it.

Obviously, to add your old forums or bulletin boards on the BB Archive website, you will need access to your database. Unfortunately, if you have a forum with one of those free forum websites, you might not be able to access this.

Bonze Membership

Silver Membership

Thirdly, this subscription gives the same as the Bronze and Copper Membership Levels. In other words, you can mothball an old forum while creating a new one. Both can remain active of course.

Silver Membership

Gold Membership

Fourthly, this subscription level gives members the ability to add two existing forums to the BB Archives. Obviously, the option to create a new forum is there too. All forums can remain active should you so wish.

Gold Membership

Platinum Membership

Finally, if you choose this subscription level you can add up to five existing forums to the BB Archive. Of course, you can also create a new forum here too. All forums can remain active but they obviously will need a degree of maintenance.

Platinum Membership

Subscribe to the BB Archive - add or retire an old forum - create a new forum or bulletin board

Extra Benefits When You Subscribe

When you subscribe to the BB Archives, you are never on your own. Indeed, there is support available. Obviously, the team here will need to interact with you in the beginning. This is because, we need to set up your account. Then, if you wish to create a new forum, we need some details in order to do this.

Obviously, if you wish to add your old, existing forums to the BB Archives, we need to do this. In short, only the staff here are able to access the databases etc. Therefore, in the beginning, there will be up to two hours support which should be enough.

BB Archive Forum

In some circumstances you may need a little extra help, therefore we have the BB Archive Forum. Basically, it is a help forum should you need further assistance and we are always online. Obviously our staff manage it, but it is a public forum, so anyone can join in and offer assistance.

Terms And Conditions

When you subscribe to the BB Archives, you become a member of the network. This means your success is our success, in other words a sound partnership. You should only join us after reading the Terms And Conditions and our Privacy Policy etc. Once you subscribe, it means that you are accepting the Terms And Conditions. So, please ensure that you keep up to date with those or any future changes to them.

To Sum Up

We would always advise people not to use a free forum platform at any time. This is because you will have very little control. Indeed, you may not even get the database once you wish to migrate. The free forum websites can also place adverts on YOUR forum!

When you subscribe here at the BB Archives, your database is yours while you remain a subscriber. You can also have your forum database whenever you ask for it. Your forum remains yours and we will take all reasonable steps to keep it secure.

Finally, if you wish to donate your old forums, bulletin boards or websites to us, let us know.

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